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Default RE: No More Small Bucks!

I'm saying 15 pages. maybe 20 depending on who really wants to get in on the debate.

A lot of you guys jump on him, but he's got very valid points. Kids, new guys, etc shoot what you want, but there is a HUGE segment of the population that wants to blast anything that walks by, just to say "got my buck". Or "if I don't shoot em, someone else will".
This mentality breeds more and more people likely to lower thier standards and keep shooting small/young bucks because the chances of seeing a big one just aren't realistic.

HOWEVER, as its been seen time and again, if you let bucks grow up, people see more nice ones running around and feel they have a chance, and there for might pass on a young buck in hopes of getting a nice one. So they cycle can perpetuate itself that way.

I'd like to do a study and see how many guys in IA, IL, MO who've hunted more than 20 years shoot the 1st 1.5 old buck they see, compared to the same demographic in PA, WV or NY?
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