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Default RE: If not Powerbelts or Sabots... then what?

Heres what Powerbelt says:We would recommend using the 405 grain AeroTip or the 444 grain Flat Point for elk. Our most popular for elk is the 405 grain. I am attaching a copy of our ballistics chart so that you can compare all of our bullets and see the energy that they do have, and what the trajectory and velocities are. Every year we have success stories that are sent in from hunters like yourself that have used our bullets. They send in pictures attached to their stories. It is great to hear from the people using our product. If you have any further questions please e-mail again or give us a call at 800-376-4010.

Thanks and good luck hunting!!!

I did not recieve the attachment,so I could' nt pass it along[&o]

I' m shooting this wk' nd and I' ll check out the:

Colo. Conical

Hornady Great Plains and the

405grn Powerbelt Aero tip

Accuracy should' nt be a problem and we' ll inspect the recovered bullets.
But an elk is an elk and that where it' s at!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the info fellas and fellerettes(?)

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