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Default RE: Official Team 18 Thread

Hello all...names Don. Im 29 and I'm from Southwetern PA. I hunt both archery & rifle season.
I'm in both of the Huntingnet contests this year. Team 45 "Nameless Assassins" in the archery.
I just bought a house, so I'm going to be extremely busy right up until the season starts.
I will check in as much as possible....but believe me, I'm a team player.
Scored some horn for my bowhunting team last year....and this year I plan to do the same.
Hopefully you guys all wont be too upset if I do bag a buck during archery season.
In PA, we are only permitted to take 1 buck a year....and its hard to pass em up close and personal with the bow.
But either way, Gun or Bow, im a dedicated hunter. So if you dont hear from me, I'm either working or hunting.
I will be talking to all soon.......good luck to all of you this season.


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