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Default RE: Official Team 18 Thread

I'm Blake, I'm 23 years old in engineering school at Auburn. I live for spring turkey season, but I also love to get in the woods and get after whitetails. I bow and gun hunt private family land, two different 300 acre tracts. Bow season opens Oct 15, gun opens Nov 22nd. I have hada littlesuccess gun hunting the rut the past 2 seasons, taking a 128" 11 point two years ago and a 140" 13 point last season, so we have some good bucks runnin' around our places. I don't hunt with anybody else, except maybe a buddy or two every now and then, so I have the place all to myself, which is nice. I have g/f of over a year who can't stand my hunting obsessions,the woods is where I go to get away from her!
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