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I have a lab and bird hunt. Never hunted deer w/ hounds, have w/for bunnies,coons. IOf course I never hunter over bait until i moved to MI. I am an original PA hunter at heart, go out and scout pick stands and hunt them. We do deer drives and i'm telling you we drive some thick,thick jagger bushes on mountain laurel hillsides and river hill sides. I hunted MI swamps and by god you have to be careful in there. But as much as I want to say go get em' hounders, I just can't at this time. I have never been afraid of others walking in my hunting area as I have killed as many deer from them eluding the hunter. Heck 1/2 don't know i'm there. I hunt Ohio and PA now, and I think for now the rules are working for me, might change as I can't go in the deep woods later on but right now things are fine. Also when dogs are trailing they can't see signs anddon't know about property lines. Maybe if you all coordinated w/ the landowners they would appreciate a chance to shoot off your hound hunt. Of course that's just my opinion now!
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