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People will bitch about dog runners till the end of time. In missouri it's illegal to run dogs, do we, hell yes we do. People who gripe about dog runners or say I'll quit hunting deer if it is legalized, then quit. The woods will be with less people. Dog runners don't wipe deer out and they don't go trespassing on peoples property. Thats why they have tracking collers. People hunt with dogs where I live and they will continue to do so. If the out-of-state hunters don't like it then stay in your state and shut up. People who bitch about dog runners killing lots of deer need to ride with a dog runner, mostly driving and listening to the beautiful sound of dogs. Beagles not hounds.
That'sthe type ofstatementthat's giving houndsmen such a poor reputation. If the hounds don't go on prohibited land, why is it such a problem with getting rid of the right-to-retrieve in VA. At least the VA houndsmen are honestenough tosay they can't keep their dogs off posted lands and it is necessary for them to trespass to recover the dogs.

Anyone in eastern VA doesn't have to ride with a houndsmen, they'll run their packs across your land whether you want them to or not.

If it's illegal for you to run hounds for deer in Missouri, what other laws do you break, trespassing, spotlighting, road hunting......or do you just pick and choose the ones you want to obey.

Perfect ending to your post. Beagles are classified as HOUNDS, I would think any "houndsmen" would know that.

F1 other that the animal rights nuts, nobody wants it banned. They just want the houndsmen to stop p*ssing on landowners and other hunters.
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