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Default RE: Someone help me out....

Chief, you gonna cause me to have a brain seizure!

Lets see what I remember:
Bogey - UI AC
Ditty Bag - the small white bag issued in boot camp to hang at the end of the bunk.
SWS - Shallow Water Sailor (Coast Guard)
Belay - disregard
BOSNIA - This is a family site find the definition elsewhere.
CIVLANT - Where people are stationed after they get out of the Navy.
Komshaw (SP?) - To get items needed outside the normal channels.

CBDR - was something like Continuous Bearing Decreasing Range??? (Or something like that)

We used to have a term for those "Navy" guys who had been in a long time and never been to sea.

Crap! that brings back a lot of old memories from the mid 70's.

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