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Default RE: Question on sights.

I never set my I pin by the use of a standard measure. I set my pin using a pace method to the practice target. When I am in the field and want to establish points of reference for distance from my stand, it is not practical to use a tape measure. I pace the distance.

When bows started shooting flatter, I went to one pin. When I need shoot higher on the deer, I immediately know how much higher in accordance with the distance, and I can do it very quickly. Much faster than trying to decide which of several pins to use.

Manyseasons past, I almost lost a shot on a very nice buck by accidentally sighting with the wrong pin out of the closely grouped four pins. In a flash, I realized I was on the wrong pin, adjusted, and dropped the buck. That is when I went to 1 pin. I also did not like the way the closely grouped pins obstructed my view.
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