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I use urine and tarsal glands I collect from kills (mine and others as well) to make my cover and attractant scents.

Works great for the "drag rag" technique and making mock scrapes.

Remove the urine from the bladder with a needle/syringe. Filter it through a "coffee filter" to remove any debris or clotted blood. Keep it in small bottle.... well marked !!! Freeze what you are not using. Remove the tarsal glands from the lower leg. I store 1 each in a HD zip lock bag. Freeze them until I use them. Rub the "oil" on an existing scrape, hang it close by, or make a "new scrape" by carefully dripping the urine across the tarsal into the area you have scratched up. Works as good and any thing I have tried. Learned this from my grand pa. Been doing it for 40+ years.
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