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I 've had these boots for 1 1/2 years now. So, I thought I'd give my feedback review since these boots are so heavily advertised this time of year.

The most comfortable and easy to take on and off knee high boot I've ever had. Feels like a tennis shoe with excellent ankle support. The new models have a side zip and a built in gator. Mine doesn't have a built in gator, but a button in gator. This is a major improvement. Definently water proof and so far appear scent proof. Insulation is slim, but with moisture absorbing thick socks they are extremely warm. They fit rather loose from the top of the ankle to the knee which allows plenty of unconstricted movement.

Not for the all day walker and the mountain hunter. Not very comfortable on long walks or steep hill climbs. Too much toe movement, nice for stand hunters, blind hunters with less than 1 mile destination trips.

Hope this was helpful.
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