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Default RE: what type of hunter are you?

I think the person who started this thread didn't think about the terms that well. I'm a northern boy so im not def. nota redneck, but I know many people who are and don't classify them as "Don't really care" hunters. Also, the whole with shootingyearlings thing I think is way off. Ive shot yearling does before, I call it population control. When you need to get deer out of an overpoplated herd, a yearling doe will do just fine. Plus, that is the deer I usually make steaks out of. Nice and tender. I saw a few does last year with twin button bucks. There is no way I was taking that doe out. It was probably just luck that she had 2 bucks, but you never know. Overall I get what this guy was trying to start a thread about, but his terminology might have been a little off. I hope since most of us are trying to spread our knowlege we are all ethical sportman and for the most part it seems that way.
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