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Default RE: Question on sights.

In the past I have used both even (10, 20, 30, 40) and odd (15, 25, 35, 45) yrd pin sight set-ups.

I let the arrow flight of the bow and arrow combo dictate my set up. Here is what I do when setting up for hunting. I take a skoal can and draw a circle on my target. Set my first (top pin) to hit within the circle, from point blank (approx 5 yrds) out to 15 or 20 yrds. From there my remaining pins are set for each additional 10 yrd increment.

With my old bow the first pin could hit within the circle from point blank out to 15 yds. So, my pins were set at odd distances (15, 25, and 35 yrds).

With my new bow the first pin hits within the circle out to 20 yrds, so my pins are set up at even distances (20, 30, and 40 yrds). With this set-up, any odd yardage, lets say 25 yrds, I put the sight picture between the 20 and 30 yrd pin. This way I dont have to aim high or low.

I hope I dont have you confused. Remember this is a hunting set up, and when I hunt I have my yardages clearly marked according to my pin sights.

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