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Default RE: Scouting hike

Hey wright. Do you have a bike? If so, that could really help you out by getting back in deep where others don't hunt. When you are scouting, look to see if there is any old trash or anything that seems to show that other people hunt there alot or not.

Find the thick stuff, and possibly any remote thickets with food sources close by as that will hold deer. The land I hunt is public as well. I have had good luck by locating thick bedding areas that are a long way from where others hunt, and preferably those beds are on high ground, thereby making them even that more difficuly to get to for others.

All that being said, if there is not alot of pressure on the area you are hunting, then you can do a few more things. If you have the GoogleEarth map, maybe you can block out the coordinates and post the map on here so guys can help you out.

Do you have a climbing stand? It is very important to be mobile on public land, and to adapt to any changes that occur frequently. Best of luck.
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