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Default Back from fla. fishin

I just got back from fla. and had a great time fishing. My brother and I fished some canals outside of west palm and fished the stick marsh and some canals along the tamiami trail down in the glades. I fished with the 14# green suffix and until the last day fishing I was winning by almost 2lbs. The stick marsh was dull the first day as we were trying to locate the fish. We each only boated 1 bass each over the 14" limit, nothing to bragg about. The second day at the stick marsh we fished the stumps at daybreak and I was throughing a 4" gold back rapala and working it as a crank bait about 2 ft below the surface. The rapala worked well as I lost a nice one and then I caught a 4.8 lber. I ended up catching about 10lbs that morning and was beating my brother by about 2 lbs for the week of fishing. The next day we fished the canals along the tamiami trail and I caught a 4.8lber in the heat of the afternoon on a gold back rapala. My brother than switched to a goldback rapala and boated a 6.8 lber and another about 5.5. We fished until well after dark but he outfished me by about 15lbs for that day as I wasn't able to fish after that. I don't mind losin after beating him on his own turf for many years, but next year when I go back we'll know where to fish the stick marsh and some of the tamaimi trail cuts to catch some big hawgs.

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