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Default RE: Best all around varmint gun??

I' d probably go for what I' d get for a bench rest rifle, Remington 700PSS, then do some necessary smithing to get it as accurate as possible, then glass it with a 9-25x40mm in either a ziess or Leupold (depending which had those exact specs at the cheaper price). Of course, that' s a .308win, so I' d have to use hard bullet construction to limit the extent of the pelt damage.

What I use now, my cousins gun actually, Hand rolled V-maxes in a .240 Weatherby with quite a lot of smithing and accurizing work done...but it shoots .5MOA to a quartermile.

(it' s a sin not to mention a .22-250, and it is my favorite round by far, but the other two I mentioned are considerably more accurate and more powerful WAY DOWN RANGE than what I' ve seen out of comparably priced/worked .22-250.)
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