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Thanks spd522 & Palladin8 I am thinking of putting it on a 3" Rem 870 turkey gun. I have a 3" Rem 1100 that is my main turkey slayer. I have a Bushnell holosight on that gun. Last season, right in the middle of the season,it quit. It was 4 yrs old and out of warrenty, but Bushnell took care of it. They replaced it even thoughthewarrenty hadelapsed. I was looking for a reflex type of sight to go on my "back-up" gun. The fast fire was a little cheaper, and a little smaller, but I hadn't hadany experience with this particular sight. I think it couldhold up to the recoil,1000 g's according to theirliterature. I am hard on my turkey guns so durability would definetly have to be an issue.
Thanks for the help.
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