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Police officer? Just FYI, cops are the most underpaid and under-appreciated jobs in the nation, along with firefighters and teachers. Pay is horrible, and would never last you in this world. And have you noticed cops these days? They aren't here to help, just an annoyance. Sorry if I offended anyone.

And congrats on the graduation! I can't wait to graduate! Then I can join the USAF and bomb the crap out of Iran!
I want to serve my country somehow, if i can't do it in the Navy i'll become an officer. I don't care if i am under appreciated or under-paid and i'm sorry but cops aren't there to be an annoyance, they are there to prevent and solve crimes. I'm sorry you feel that way. By the way how many jobs ARE out there that will provide well enough for a family with the way the economy?

Second how are YOU going to be bombing Iran?
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