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Default Sort of a sad day yesterday

Well on the plus side, the physical plant guy got the podium modified so I can see over it without standing on tiptoes. He was really nice about it. I'm pretty nervous. I hope I don't make a fool of myself. I've lectured to classes, but the thought of speaking to an auditorium full of adults scares me.

Then the principal told us all the graduating seniors were finished and could say goodbye and go home. So I said goodbye to all my teachers. My biology teacher and I violated the no-touching rule and exhanged a hug. He said he wants to be there when I graduate from State. And he said he also wants to be there when I get the doctorate. I think he really means it. I was crying and he was doing everything he could to not cry.

But I'm really excited though, about starting college in the fall. Looks like we're going to have to get a second car. But between my husband, my mom, and my stepdad we've worked it out even if I have another baby. My mom is still ticked because I'm taking Japanese. I think she's more annoyed at herself because I could have learned it while I was growing up. She thinks I should take a language that would be more useful in science, like German or Russian. She's right actually, but it's a personal thing with me.

Sorry, I'm rambling on. People who know me realize that I talk almost constantly unless someone else is talking. So after Saturday evening, I'll be a high school graduate.Yaaaaaay! I'm trying to be not sad.

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