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Default RE: Looking for information...PSE

Well, as I said in my original post, I have shot the SS, and I was very suprised.

The bow was not set up for me, as I was in a local gun / bow shop here, and a rep came in and had a SS set up with a peep, vibration dampening, and a whisker biscuit. I shot his bow a few times and it was extremely fast and unbelievably quiet. I grouped very well, though I had never shot that bow before. I have never owned or hunted with anything but a PSE, and I have found their quality second to none. Everyone has different opinions about bow setups, but if I could get it set up like the PSE rep had that set up, I would be very happy. I was quite comfortable with his bow. But then again, I shoot a short bow anyway in the PSE Firestorm Lite. And I have been very happy with it.

Thanks Guys. KSPoliceman, I will give you a call to discuss.


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