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Michael, Im on PSE prostaff, and yes they are both 08 models, I have one setup that I shoot and the other I orderedfor a buddy and I screwed up and ordered it right handed and he is left, rather than send it back I just kept it, and figured id part with eventually!! Im in SE KANSAS....Im leaving for the Police Academy on Monday, so I dont have alot of time to mess with trying to sell it....just thought id let you know.....I dont have pics but just look at any SS and thats what ive got, no dingsmarks etc......I do have a Peep in the String......I do have to agree with the post above about the angle making you move your anchor a lil. but, but is what I did was put in a bigger peep and im fine driving tacks out to 60yds.......620-288-0665
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