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Default RE: broke my thruth 2 already

I have nothing but good things to say about Bear Archery's customer service. They have always answered my questions right away and taken care of me. I had one instance where my local shop wasn't doing anything for me. I bypassed the shop, and talked straight to Bear myself. They told me to send the bow to them directly. Fortuntely, another shop found that one of my yoke's just needed a few twists in the cableand problem solved. I also contacted Bear asking about where to get replacement rubber suppressors when they wear out. They said to just contact them, and they would send out new ones. So if it is just the rubber, contact Bear if your local shop doesn't replace them. Don't get discouraged on the Truth 2. It is a nice bow. You must have gotten a defective set of stoppers. I haven't had any problems other than standard wear on mine.I doknow how you feel. I was down in the dumps too when mine wasn't tuning correctly. Allit turned out to be was that simple few twists in the cable. Sotry to keep positive.ALL BOW MANUFACTURERS have their problems.
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