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I am not that big a fan of the Holosight/Eotech type sights. Too busy a reticle and the housingreminds me ofwearing black plastic frame glasses from the 70's.
They are very durable though.

For the big sights like that, I like the C-More as it is less intrusive into the line of sight. I also like the single dot. I have used them on competition pistols and
rifles for years and no problems.

I am not sure which Burris you are wanting info on. The Speedot is basically a ProPoint/Aimpoint tube dot sight. Works fine although it too has more frame around
the dot than I care for. The new small Burris, like the original Optima, and later versions by Trijicon and Doctor, is a compact and fast dot. I have one of the original
Optimas that was the worst of the breed and it has worked flawlessly for several years. It has been mounted on a Glock 17 slide, FAL 308, and an AR15 and never had
a problem. They are a little more difficult to sight in due to their lack of click adjustment, but once sighted in, they seem to stay put.

Although due to their mass, I like the Holosight and Aimpoint the least, these two are the most rugged and durable of the bunch. So if you are extremely hard on your
guns and optics, one of these would probably be the best choice for you, although the most expensive. If you are not one to bash your guns and optics into rocks and trees,
the C-More or small Burris/Trijicon/Doctor sights would work just fine. The C-More railway and Burris would also be the least expensive of the group.

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