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Default RE: Stryker crossbows??

Angus -

The first thing you should do is to make good use of the internet!
Go to the Stryker website!
You can see everything there is to see right from the horses mouth.

I have the Stryker in the carbon fiber finish. Unless your wife is a really tuff ol bird..I'd go for the Desert Stryker for her. The Stryker may get a bit heavy walkin around during the hunt. The D.S. is notably lighter. You will/should buy the/a cocking rope to go with the D.S. This not only helps cock also helps cock the string "on center".

They both are very least I know the Stryker version is. It's accurate for a long way out. Mk. can give better info on the distance shooting.

As far as warrenty...I can say from experience...they did very well with the problem I initially had with mine. No arguments, no hassles, just took care of the problem.
As for the problem was more of a shiping problem in my estimation than a manufacturing problem...and Bow Tech made it good...with no muss, no fuss.

Wouldn't hesitate, but as I say, the D.S. is much lighter, just as accurate, just as able to kill.

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