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Default RE: Stryker crossbows??

Own the DS model. Have shot the other or first Stryker model. First one is too heavy for long distance hunting. The DS model is more narrow and quieter for hunting. First one is 405 fps and the DS is 350 fps. The DS is super accurate and a joy to hunt with. Drawbacks are Bowtech has a strict warranty policy where it's only for the original purchaser and, if he bought it from an authorized dealer and, paid MSR price for it. Not sure on your deal but you may be without any warranty. Just a heads up on their ways.

The DS model had a trigger recall or update. Free for registered owners. Still to me it would be a serious liability risk not to fix any trigger issues. But I'm not BT and they do have different ideas than others. The first Stryker a few had issues with the chain cocking device built into it. It's fine if you follow instructions. You can uncock the first one but the DS must be shot to unload properly. Others have methods but I'm afraid of hole in foot disease.

That's the bad. The good is it shoots great. Quiet and fast. I've owned several different xbows and the DS is my main hunting machine. MK should have more to say as he's shot his a lot.
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