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Default RE: Experts Choose Best 10x42 Optic!!

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It lacked in the brightness & the clarity by a little & I mean a very little, it took going from one to the other many times before it was noticed at all, they're that close, but the price is a 1500.00 difference, so one would expect that!! The Razors are a step up, as well as in price & compete with them with no problem

Once you hit a pricepoint usually around 500it is diminishing rate of return when it comes to optics. We are also dealing with a declining dollar which makes the once 800-1000 leicas and swaros now 1500-1800 or more.

I am not so sure about the diminishing returns. I have a set of 8X56 Swarovski binoculars. They really are the berries. I have owned good glass before, but nothing like these.

The massive price increases are due to the weak dollar. It use to be the dollar was worth more than the Euro-now the Euro is worth more. Almost to the point that world markets are now wanting to be paid in Euro's instead of dollar's. Tom.
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