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In all rights the Black Ice and Marquis are top of the line single cam bows. If you are looking for a single cam Bow you would be well advised to spend some time shooting them. Take time and shoot all the brands and models you can get your hands on. Only YOU can decide what is best for YOU. Enjoy the sport of Archery!!

Mr. Dan speaks the truth. I have had a thing for a single cam bow for a long time but never had the disposable cash to get one. That changed this spring and I got myself a Black Ice. It is an amazing piece of work. The draw is sooooo smooth, as is the shot. The balance if the bow is a delight. I can shootLOTS of arrowswithoutgetting tired. Man, I love that bow. One would have to assume that the Marquis was also exceptional, as Diamond makes a top shelf product. But again, as Dan mentioned, shoot as many bows as you can get your hands on. They all feel just a bit different and who knows which one will fit your the best!
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