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I've been shooting a Browning 300 win mag for years. Its taken, deer, elk, bison, bear.
I like the Browning because of the boss system. ( modified muzzle break )
it allows you to tune your barrel to the ammo you are shooting.
bullets touching at 100 yards is not uncommon ( with factory ammo)

180 gr winchester ammo, zero'd at 200 yards, will be about 2 inches high at 100 and about 6 inches low at 300.

Make sure you use ammo that opens up quickly. I used the Winchester surpreme bonded and had issues. When on my bison hunt, I put 2 shots through the boiler room ( at 100 yards ) and they never opened up. in and out.
when I took a neck shot, and hit bone, the bullets preformance was amazing. But it had to hit bone.

as far as a scope. I had a leopold M2-6X on it and removed that recently and saved up for a Leapold XIII 4.5 x 14.
it gives you good field of view when in timber, but allows you to reach out to 300-400 yards and place your shot where you want, save your loose change. the scope is about 550-600. but worth every dime.

you'll love the 300 win mag..and the savage is a good gun. get the recoil pad and consider a muzzle break if it kicks to much.
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