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ORIGINAL: robbcayman

Okay, I'm about to buy a 300 win mag, but I want to make sure I am buying the right gun. I mainly want this gun to be used for bigger hunts in the future i.e. Moose, Elk, Black bear etc..

I already have a 30-30 for deer, and a 270 in the arsenal as well.

What are the thoughts on this caliber?

I'm going to be purchasing a savage arms 300 win mag with the accutrigger. Thanks.
When I was choosing a rifle for those critters, I settled on the .30-'06. I didn't personally see the performance advantage of going to the .300 WM as outweighing its increased recoil, longer barrel (in the rifles I was looking at) and ammo cost. So far, I don't feel as if I've been handicapped.

Then again, my outfitter in BC feels that the .300 WM is the BEST all-around rifle for this continent, even better than the .338 WM. There's something to be said for nearly 30 years of guiding in elk/black bear/moose/goat/bighorn/grizzly country.

I'd suggest shooting one several times at the range, to see how it agrees with you. Also, handle the exact model you're looking at, and do so extensively. If it feels natural to you, then go for it!

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