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Abstract: We conducted experimental feeding using 3 feeding methods (pile, spread, trough)
and 2 quantities (rationed, ad libitum) of shelled corn to compare deer activity and behavior with
control sites and evaluate potential direct and indirect transmission of infectious disease in whitetailed
deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in central Wisconsin, USA. Deer use was higher at 2 of the
feeding sites than at natural feeding areas (P <= 0.02). Deer spent a higher proportion of time (P
< 0.01) feeding at pile (49%) and spread (61%) treatments than at natural feeding areas (36%).
We found higher deer use for rationed than ad libitum feeding quantities and feeding intensity
was greatest at rationed piles and lowest at ad libitum spreads. We also observed closer pairwise
distances (<= 0.3 m) among deer when corn was provided in a trough relative to spread (P =
0.03). Supplemental feeding poses risks for both direct and indirect disease transmission due to
higher deer concentration and more intensive use relative to control areas. Concentrated feeding
and contact among deer at feeding sites can also increase risk for disease transmission.
results indicated that restrictions on feeding quantity would not mitigate the potential for disease
transmission. None of the feeding strategies we evaluated substantially reduced the potential risk
for disease transmission and banning supplemental feeding to reduce transmission is warranted.

And from the other stuff I have looked at in the last few minutes, it looks like CWD isn't really bound by climates. New Mexico to Canada. Just hasn't reached everywhere yet. And Bovine TB is WORLDWIDE, though scattered. So again, I didn't see anything that would shield Florida from these diseases.
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