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Baiting with corn is really no different than putting down food plots, scent attractions, mock scrapes,trails, or water sources. All of these methods you are taking advantage of the fact that the deer will tend to come to them because it is easier for them. As hunters we need to support all forms of hunting and not attack each other for our chosen methods.

Baiting also helps spread disease better than any of the other methods. And has a greater chance of permantly and negatively altering deer patterns/behavior. That's not even something that can be debated. The only debate is the ethics of using it or any of these other methods. It's not outlawed in many areas because it makes it easier for hunters, its outlawed because it is bad for the herd.
I would agree halfheartly with your opinion, but only in the region implied. In Florida the areas with a sustained high population of deer also are well supplemented with corn- Do you consider this just a coincidence?

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