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Hmmmm..???? You can't even put out mineral for deer at a certain time of the year then remove it or stop putting the minerals out?

Here in Missouri you are allowed to put minerals out year round and even feed the Deer up until so many days before Hunting Season.Here is what I have put out to give our deer the minerals that they need.

Hard Grain blocks and poured the mineral Buck Jam (Apple Flavored) over it.
Plain White Salt Block
Super 12 mineral from our local MFA Feed Store
C'mere Deer mineral

List of other minerals that are available:

Deer Cocaine
Whitetail Institutes 30-06 mineral

Any Hunting Store,Feed & Hardwareor Major Discount Store will probably carry all types of minerals for Deer,Cattle and Horses that you can buy and you can also mix your own by using different ingredients you can buy yourself.I'll see if I can find the link where it has the list of stuff you can put together?
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