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Default RE: I got my DNK string

I've been making my own strings for years. Good quality, evenbetter than most factory strings.
I've always had problems with flemish twist strings for my Excalibur. I can make one, but it stretches & creeps and requires constant attention to length (brace height). Last fall I got a string from Don for the Excalibur just to see if they were as good as everyone says. THEY ARE!!!!!!!!! I put it on and shot several times to check POI & accuracy. I checked brace height and it was still where it was when I started! I hunted & target practiced for 3 or 4 weeks before I finally got to give it a couple twists to shorten it. I finished deer season (another 2 months +) without having to adjust it again. The serving is still in great shape (almose like new) and the catwhiskers are even holding up!
I don't know how he does it, but I do know it's the best you can get!
(recently ordered another for a spare - I'm not going to make anymore for the Excalibur as long as Don is still making them)
My hat's off to you Don - your strings are the best I've ever used!
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