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Default Boy Scouting

I was just curious how many people here grew up involved in scouting. This upcoming weekend is Scout Sunday, and we had a service this past weekend to honor our old Scoutmaster who just stepped down; and our pastor (and current Scoutmaster) did a little test:

He had all the people who were/or currently are in scouts stand up
Then he had all the parents of people who are/were stand up
Then he had spouses/other family members of scouts stand up
After this question, about 90% of the congregation were standing.

I found that really cool, as I grew up in scouting, climbed through the ranks from a cubby, received my Eagle Scout in late 2005 and am currently an Asst. Scoutmaster for my old troop. I look back at my years in scouting and know how much better of a person it made me and how it directly has effected my love for the outdoors and in-turn, my love for archery and bowhunting. So has anyone else here had their love for the outdoors influenced by Scouting?

Also, have any of ya'll gotten your own kids into scouting? Thought about helping a local troop?
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