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Default RE: P&Y and no buck tag

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Just my luck, a real nice tall tined symetrical 8 shows up 5min before end of legal light and even offers a shot. Only problem... I had no buck tag left. So, I practiced getting into position and making the motion to draw my bow undetected (actually didn't draw) and squeezed off an imaginary arrow right through both lungs. Oh well, I got what I could out of the experience. Maybe I can go through the motions again with him next year, but this time with a buck tag.

This had't've happened to some of you guys too right? Sucks and doesn't suck at the same time.
Yes it has and it does suck! I rattled in a 130" buck one year after I had already filled my tag shooting a doe. I was 15 years old at the time and curious about rattling, so I tried it and couldn't believe what came running to me from across the field!
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