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Default RE: took 1 in the a$$

Hey Robert

Have you asked Yancy what he got from his elk?? I think that he stole a ton of meat from you. I took in a 82 lb dressed doe and got 22 pounds ground. 6-2 pound bags of jerky meat, tenderloins, and6 packs of1.5 lb backstrap steaks. so that is at least 45 lbs meat. If it were me I would stop down and have a chat with the cops and I would also give the department of wildlife a call. I would call everyone and thier brother to try and get something done. hey also my uncle has a sign shop and I could make you up some stickers that says "Larry's on SH52 Sucks!!! Ask me Why!!!" You could display them proudly. I may give Newts a call down in Sterling and ask him what the edible weight should have been.

Also I bought me a gorilla climber at walmart for $50 bucks. I need to bring your summit down to you, I have been meaning to call you. I feel so bad that I still have it. Ill give you a call this week so we can set something up for this week.

If you want some stickers let me know, there is no doubt in my mind that you got screwed. If I were in your shoes I would have come off the handle and probably went to jail. I hate it when scum take advantage of folks. I bet we can get really creative on the stickers!!
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