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Default RE: How to use a Powerbelt Bullet Correctly

My experience with PBs is rather limited but, FWIW, seems to agree with what frontier gander's posted. To date, I've not killed anything with them, however.

I had no luck with PBs in my TC Greyhawk until I went to 80 gr. of Pyrodex P. That load shot very well in the Greyhawk, better than anything else in fact. None of my PB loads using RSshot nearly as well. I always attributed it to the fact that the Pyro P, with it's faster burn rate, slammed the back of the bullet harder than the slower powder and expanded the bullet lead into the rifling grooves better. But that's just conjecture on my part.

I started out with the lead PBs (no copper cladding). They would lead up a barrel something fierce unless you loaded them with a fair amount Crisco up around the nose of the bullet. The copper clad bullets are not jacketed. The copper is there only to prevent barrel leading. There's not enough there to control expansion.

In my .54 slow twist (1:70) GM barrel, the 295 gr. .54 PB over 90 gr. RS shoots to the exact same zero at 100 yds. as does the .54 PRB over 90 gr. RS. And it does it with equal accuracy. When hunting with this rifle, I always carry a few for quick reloads. But .54 PRB effectiveness being what it is at shorter ranges, I've never needed a PB for a second shot.
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