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Default RE: 2 More Massachusetts Deer

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It is really tough to tell in the pic... Maybe mid 130s? Can't see too much of him.

One of my does was 115lb, the smaller was 72lb,the 6 was 135lb, and the 3 was 132lb!
I got to the deer and was sure he'd go 130-140 dressed. Threw him on the scale at B & G and he was only 111lbs!! I still can't believe it, when I look at the pictures.I guess he could be rutted out and all. He had been working the mtn hard and had three broken tines from fighting. they say a buck can drop 25% of his weight during rut, so that would make him about 138 pre-rutwhich is more "right". I think the deer is 3.5 YO but it was never aged..
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