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Default RE: coyotes killing deer

idk what to tell ya i no for a fact i set a trail cam up on a coyote den just to see how many deer it would get in 3 months of when the littles one are growing up. and it got 19 fawns n some other asst. of animals! NOW b-4 u go jumpin 2 conclutions about Y i ddin't kill this coyote b-4 it killed them deer is because i wanted 2 find out what it was capable of!!1 i can't stop every coyote out there so i made a little experiment out of it n yes they did die!! i shot the mother put on a KIYI n out came dad. then a water hose 2 the hole sent the pups out n they also fell victim ther were 5 pups mother n father n nothin but bones on 1 side of the den pretty crazy!!!
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