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Default coyotes killing deer

This was a rumor going around, But I just had it confirmed from a reliable source.
Here in southern New Jersey we have alot of coyotes now. These coyotes are on the large size, maybe 50lb range. There was a film that was floating around on line, I can't find it now, of a coyote mother feeding here pups with fawns and yearlings. Over 2 1/2 months she pulled a dozen deer back to the den for her pups. There was a coyote killed with in five miles of my home. It had a tag inits ear. The tag had a number, a phone number, and the word Texas.Whwn this phone number was called they had said that the coyote was purchased by a insurance company. Supposely the insurance companies are purchasing coyotes and releasing them in souther Jersey. The Coyotes are killing deer and this is lowering the number of deer and auto collision, which mean lower accident claims for the insurance company. I can't figure out haow the New Jersey division of fish and game can allow this to happen. If one mother was able to kill a dozen deer in about three months, the way coyotes multiple the deer aren't gonna have a chance.
Has anyone heard of this in Jersey, or in any other state?
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