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Default Thats it I'm ADDICTED!

I will say without a doubt that waterfowling is THE most fun I've ever had hunting.

I went a few times as a kid with my Uncle, I never got anything but it was cool. Shot my first duck about 10years ago in France. 2 Thanksgivings ago I went goose hunting with my Brother in law. Had a great time, didn't bag anything but all in all it was fun. Past thanksgiving I went with him again, Saw quite a bit of birds, Missed a pair of mallards.
Yesterday was the CLINCHER!

Went out for an afternoon hunt. To a lake I've never been to. Just plain beautiful. So as we get there about 4mins into settin out the decoy's a pair of ringnecks fly in. From then it seemed like birds were flyin in every few mins.

I got my first hen woodie and a hen mallard. Brother in law got a black, a georgous drake woodie, drake and hen mallards and a ringneck. Other guy got a mallard and a ringneck.

I was amazed at all the different sounds waterfowl make, not just a quack or a honk. Tones, different patterns.

Also I'm not overly impressed with Steel shot. Both the woodie and the mallard required multiple shots. Shot at the outer limits of shotgun but I've made shots on pheasants at that distance before with much better results. I was using promo loads from Win and Rem. 2s.
I've been looking at trying the Blackcloud or HeviSteel. Hevi shot and the others are just outta my range at the moment.

Also had some gun issues. I was shooting my SBE I, Never really had any issues with it before. Stovepiped once, 2miss fires. Missfires could have been my fault by not letting the bolt close.

I've bought some decoys (after the first goose hunt) I don't have much (dozen greenhead mallards and a dozen goose shells). Been practiceing my calling (to and from work) Just can't wait to go again!!
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