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Default Official Rules - 2008 HNI Vegas League

Alright guys, I want to get the ball rolling on this thing. Let's shoot for a start date of Sunday 1/6/08. All first week scores will be due 1/13/2007 @ 9pm EST.[/b]

Official sign up will be on thedesignated thread that is pinned to the top of this forum. All sign ups must be posted on the signup thread by1/5/08 at 9pm EST[/b].[/align][/ul]

This will be a45 arrow 450 Vegas 3 spot[/b] league that will be7 weeks long.[/align][/ul]

We will separate into Open and Hunter classes - No lenses and no stabilizers longer than 12" in the Hunter class[/align][/ul]

No handicaps applied, we will be using actual scores for all scoring.[/align][/ul]

Each shooter is allowed1x missed weeks during the6 week league. This missed week will be counted as a 0 with an x count of 0 for that week. Each shooter will be able to drop 1 week oftheir scores at the end of the league, so a single missed week won't matter, we will simply drop the score of your missed week.[/align][/ul]

Rounds can be shot any day of the week, but scores MUST be posted on the official scores thread NO LATER thanSunday @ 9:00pm EST. If you post a score at 9:01 pm, your score will OFFICIALLY be zero. All scores posted must include your score and X count.[/b][/align][/ul]

Scores must be submitted in the following format - You may cut and paste this below and then reformat with your score #'s each week:[/align][/ul]

30 - 2x 28 - 1x 28 - 2x
29 - 1x30 - 3x 29 - 0x
28 - 1x27 - 0x30 - 1x
30 - 3x29 - 2x27 - 1x
29 - 2x 30 - 1x 30 - 3x
146 - 10x144 - 6x144 - 7x

Total - 434 - 23x

Please no discussion in the scoring threads, please open another thread for discussion. This makes it much easier for me to sort through and calculate scores and averages.[/align][/ul]

X’s will be used as tie breakers.[/align][/ul]

Photos of the target are not required with your score, but we reserve the right to request said photo. Failure to comply will result in a ZERO score. Save those targets![/align][/ul]

If you truly do not have the financial means available, or the ability to order targets for this competition please feel free to contact me privately.I will ensure that you have targets to use. We don't want anyone to not participate because they don't have targets or the ability to order them. Do this ASAP so that we can ensure time to get these to you before things start. For everyone else, targets can be bought from for .50 cents each. Buy yourself 10 of them or so, they are cheap. Link to purchase these is below: &osCsid=dffb886b86d00c121fa69d18bd5a1bc1

Where you shoot your round doesn't matter, but official Vegas style 3 spot targets MUST be used.[/b][/align][/ul]

If you arenot shooting at an indoor range facility, you must be shooting from a MEASURED 20 yard distance.[/b] Thismust be done with the use of either a tape measure or laser rangefinder. [/align][/ul]

Vegas 3 spot targets are scored as 10X, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 0. You only have to touch the higher scoring line with your arrow shaft to count the higher point. Please refer to the following diagram to see how these targets are scored.[/align][/ul]

*******Please no cheating. I am very limited in how I can regulate cheating. Please know that this league is supposed to be fun and that I really hope to introduce new people to the sport of target archery with this league. Cheating will cause others to become discouraged and not participate and you will be directly affecting everyone involved by doing this. This is all I will say on this, so please use your conscious when submitting those scores. I have no doubt that we are all mature enough here to follow this to a T.[/b][/align][/ul]

So in short:

- 45 arrows
- 3 arrows per end
- 15 ends per game
- 450 is a perfect score
- Distance of 20 yards (measured)
- 7 weeks total
- Drop your lowest score
- No handicaps
- You must have fun. No exceptions, if you can't do this don't sign up. [8D][/b][/ul]
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