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Default RE: TC Pro Hunter??

I was in our Cabelas outlet here, and was salivating over a bare bones stainless TC Pro Hunter in 30-06 and 243 calibers off the shelf. I have been looking online at the Encore for a while now, but haven't had the oppertunity to feel one until today. I liked everything about it when I held it up to my shoulder. I really liked the weight the most, pretty light weight for a 28" barrel. I also like the recoil pad and stock from Sims Vibrations. The whole thing said "shoot me now!" Cabelas was listing them at $699, so after adding scope and all, I may have to wait until after x-mas to afford one right now (unless my Berretta 92F I'm selling finds a new home).

After reading the reviews here, and talking to a few folks at the store (customers) who own one, they seem like real shooters, so I'mlooking forward to try anddrive some tacks withonebefore too long.

I'm hoping to start with a varmit barrel in 22-250, then get a 300 Win mag,12Guage turkey,and 50 cal ML barrel as time goes on for it.
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