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Default RE: Crossbow scopes on rimfires?!?!?!

Kinda O/T here guys, but this thread brings back alot of memories. I had several 10/22's and would set them up for friends. We used to get them at K-mart for about $100, put a 1" tube 4x32 Kassnar scope on them. I like sighting my .22's in at 50'. This puts you dead on at about 70-80 yds, 5/8" or so high at 50 yds and only 2" or so low at 100 yds. The ammo these rascals seemed to favor was Federal Hi-Power or CCI Minimag hp's. I used to take great delight in the look on my friends faces when I had it sighted in and shot the thumbtacks out of the target and it would flutter to the ground! Guess ya had to be there!!
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