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yakuza wiz
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Default dead deer

So i hunt on about 40 acres of timber.
and someone threw two road kill deer down in my woods for god knows what reason that may have had...
but now they are starting to rot and stink up the woods and I've started to find an abundance of coyote tracks in the area and i stopped seeing any deer.
what I would like to know is:
How long will it take them to rot away?
How does this effect the deer?
And how long will it take the deer to come back after the smell is gone?

they have both been down there for about two weeks and I have to walk by them to get to any of my stands and It's starting to make me queezy in the morning when i go out.

just to make the situation even worse.
sombody told me they saw the truck drop it off...
and it may have been the land owner...
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