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Default RE: Need a Team Captain Vote. Falsified Entry?

I'll post up, I ain't skeered....

I personally don't feel the deer was shot w/a bow, BUT.....the posting rules WERE followed. I guess if we got nit picky, we would need some type of verification, such as video, that each and every deer entered was indeed shot w/ a bow. OBVIOUSLY not necessary, but you see my point. The posting rules were followed, and we can't really prove otherwise.

He knows how it was harvested, and he knows who harvested it. If the deer was killed w/ a bow, fantastic. If not, and lies have to be told in order for someone to feel like they are "fitting in" or whatever you want to call it....Well, I'll be the very first to apologize for putting that type of pressure on ANYONE.

I know all too well that pressure, it's not fun, but you're the one that has to live with it. Truth or not. Congrats on the buck though, it's a dandy.

And Matt, unless I'm looking at the wrong photo, the deer isn't dressed w/ the bow either.
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