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Default Need a Team Captain Vote. Falsified Entry?

For the integrity of the contest, I'm unsure what to do and I trust you guys as team captains.

Don't know anyway else to do this. I've temporarily disqualified a buck from the contest. It was brought to my attention by a very reputable member that a buck was definately killed by a rifle only because of the characteristics of the wound. The entry by lethalconnection is the one I'm refering to. It was pointed out to me that this was clearly the characteristics of a rifle head shot buck with the buldged eye etc...

I get this story from the team thread.

Hit him right in the spine below the skull. He dropped in his tracks.
So why is the eye popping out?

Then I get this from a PM.


So i got the message from Greg about the buck i entered and about the photo of me with the gun.

Well here is the explanation. In the morning we hunted elk and in that certain area we hunt the elk we can use our rifles and we have found elk hunting is always better in the morning and deer in the evening and the area we hunt deer isnt to far from where we hunt elk and we can only use bow's in that area. So we decided to do a morning hunt for elk and an evening for deer. And the day before my buddy was buggin me that i would probably shot a deer in the rifle area even though that tag is already filled. So all i did was got a photo with me and the rifle just to jerk my buddys chain a lil, so all that photo is just a big joke. And if you did realize that its eye is poppin out of its head it is because in able to get it too a truck we had to lift the deer over some railroad tracks and my buddys daughter was holding the head up but just as we were goin over she dropped the head and it smacked right into the railroad track and broke its orbital bone and popped its eye.

Sorry for the whole inconvenice over a stupid joke photo.

And this.
I will however not admit that i shot it with a rifle cause i did indeed get that deer with my bow but as i said before if it is going to cause alot of grief then remove it.
And the series of photos that point out to me that the deer was shot with a rifle and then a bow layed across it's chest for the contest. If that's what you see, we cannot accept it.

Please PM me with your vote. I'd make it a poll but I know we'd get more than just the captains voting. If your not the captain of your team, please contact your team captain to let him know I need his/her help.

Again, the pictures as I found them.

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