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Im new to the hand gun hunting, kind of. I tried it last year with a Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 mag. Gun shot alright for me. I ended up taking the gun and trading it for a TC Contender in stainless with the rynite grips in 7-30 waters. Acquired the gun after deer season so I purchased a 45lc/410 barrel for it and took a few rabbits with it. I put a bushnell 2-6x32 scope on the 7-30 barrel and have that dialed in for this years gun season. That gun off of sand bags will shoot sub moa all day long. It shoots better than some of my rifles. Can any of you other contender ownersvouch for your trigger pull? I think the person whom owned the gun prior had some work done to the trigger. Needless to say the gun flat out shoots and I cant wait to use it this year. I think it will be my main carry unless we are going to do some driving.
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