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Default RE: Is my bow is in tune?

It might be "in tune" - might not. I usually start by making sure the arrow has the correct spine, and set my arrow rest to put the shaft either right down the middle of the Berger hole - or maybe a little above it in the case of a newer Hoyt bow. They I do some paper tuning. I want to makecertain I have it dialed in right and left - sometimes I can't get a bow to not tear just a little low at 6 feet. Then go to shooting field points and broadheads; adjusting the rest and/or nocking point to move the field point impact to the spot where the broadheads are printing. If you did the paper tuning first, the difference between FP and BH should be minimal - and if you have any difference, it should be vertical. Sometimes you can't quite get the two to coinincide perfectly.

If I understand your question, you thought the FP's and BH's hit to different spots. You moved the sight to where the BH's shoot. And now the FP's shoot there as well? How much difference was there to start with?
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