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Default RE: Trying To Figure This Guy Out


Our local poacher just roadhunts them while drinking pints of whiskey. But he is no landowner or a farmer like your neighbor. As long as he is breaking no laws, why do you care what he does on his land?
Well he is breaking all kinds of Laws.They just can't catch him.He use to set the woods on fire.One time the Forestry Plane was flying over and he shot it down.One other time they had him spotted,he had a Guy with a Fertilizer Truck down there,he just got in front of the Truck,they lost sight of him and he made it home.

As far as Crop damage there is none.He just turns his cattle into the woods and lets them have at.

One year him and his buddies set 10,000 acres on fire.One of his buddies got caught.That was the year I was surrounded by fire for days,couldn't go no where.Forestry told me I was going to lose my place,but I proved them wrong.

He is kind of mad because I bought my place on the Courthouse steps after he lost it.

No I just don't really know what is the deal with him and Deer.

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