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Trying To Figure This Guy Out

Old 10-03-2007, 05:44 PM
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Default RE: Trying To Figure This Guy Out

Sad. Harvesting animals without using the meat is nothing more than killing to kill. I was raised different. If you take it , you use it. I do not need the meat to sustain myself or my family but I enjoy the sport. I also respect the sport. There are many agencies that will take your kill and package it for families that would otherwise do without. Never let em lay.
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Default RE: Trying To Figure This Guy Out

Man, that's ate up. Sounds like he is breaking a law or two. Has this guy ever taken pot shots at you? He actually shot down a Forestry plane?
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Default RE: Trying To Figure This Guy Out


Man, that's ate up. Sounds like he is breaking a law or two. Has this guy ever taken pot shots at you? He actually shot down a Forestry plane?
No he never took any pot shots at me.But one of his buddies beat the something out of the Chef on Forestry Fire crew,he is paying him restitution the rest of his life.

Yea I heard about the Forestry Plane,I asked a person at Church if he just shot at it? No he shot it down.

Ah we got some winners around here.Had an Old woman that had a Store here.Me and her was talking.She says I don't like this Guy will you go burn his Trailer? I told her I wouldn't.Well I was up on my roof.Look over towards that Guys place seen Flames and Black smoke.Go over there and it was already burnt to the ground.She died couple years ago.

Had one Guy get mad at another killed all his Hogs.

Had a Gay Guy shot at his Mailbox.I don't think they ever found who did it.

Years ago my Exwifes Uncle got drug to death because he was Indian.The guys that did it got away with it.They seen her in the store told her they did it and would get the rest of them if they had the chance.That was just few miles from here.

Then just yesterday I found out a neighbor is using an alias.Found out because my wife was trying to help him get Social Security.Once it was commented that he needed to give his real name he run everyone off.This explains him never letting the kids go to school or into town.

Real interesting around here and very hard to believe.But things are changing.Got New people moving in,changing ways that I know have not changed in a good hundred years.

big rockpile
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Default RE: Trying To Figure This Guy Out

all i can say about this is WOW!! where are you from??
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Old 10-03-2007, 09:46 PM
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Default RE: Trying To Figure This Guy Out

I would say don't waste your time. There are just some things not worth worrying about and this seems to be a good example. Trying to figure him out I mean. If he's breaking game laws (and it seems he is grossly breaking them) and you have something for LE - turn him in.

But no sense trying to figure a nut jobout - it will make YOU nutz.
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Old 10-05-2007, 05:52 AM
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Default RE: Trying To Figure This Guy Out

Sounds like you are not from there. Yes, they are some winners, but they have been there a long time. Trying to change everything just because you live there is going to rufflle some feathers.
My neighbor was kind of a city type. He was a nice guy, but he didnt like the deer I have as yard ornaments. So he complained to the city about it. I might have taken it down had he talked to me about it. After that, I put all my turkey decoys out in the yard.
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Default RE: Trying To Figure This Guy Out

Another reason he may not like the deer is because of the damage that they do to the fences and that cost more money and time to fix. Either way dude just aint right!!
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Default RE: Trying To Figure This Guy Out

Yep!.....I can see were he is coming from. Here in FL the deer can do $15,000 to $20,000 damageto a Watermelon Field. If we wait for the FWC to respond to our requests forkilling the deer, it would be $30,000 in damage.

Now, where I see he is a Dumb @$$ about it is letting them lay in the field.[:'(]
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